About us

The Africa Open Science Platform (AOSP) was established in 2017 with an aim to position African scientists at the cutting edge of data intensive science by stimulating interactivity and creating opportunity through the development of efficiencies of scale, building critical mass through shared capacities, and amplifying impact through a commonality of purpose and voice.

The AOSP strategy is set out in:

The Future of Science and Science for the Future

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The AOSP makes the case for bold action to mobilise the scientific community in Africa in responding to the imperatives of open science and the opportunities the digital revolution. Its building blocks are:

Our Vision

African scientists are at the cutting edge of contemporary, data-intensive science as a fundamental resource for a modern society. They are innovative global exponents and advocates of Open Science, and leaders in addressing African and Global Challenges.

Our Mission

The African Open Science Platform will convene and coordinate the interests, ideas, people, institutions and resources needed to advocate and to advance open science in and for Africa. The Platform is: